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Interested In NDE?
NASA Engineering Cooperative student Jon Tylka interviews NASA Astrunaut Steve Bowen about Nondestructive Evaluation applied to spaceflight and his previous undersea experiences.



5/13-15      Acoustic Emission Working Group Meeting in Chicago. - Link

6/15-17      ASTM E07 Nondestructive Testing Committee Meeting in Anaheim. -
Link                         Attending: Nichols & Waller

6/22-25      NSMMS Workshop in Chantilly, VA (POC: James Walker) -
Link  Attending: Walker

6/23-26      Intl. Symposium on Nondestructive Characterization of Materials in CA. -
Link                             Attending: Saulsberry & Prosser

7/22           Q3 Reports due to the Deputy Program Manager.

7/25-31      Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation (QNDE) Conference in Minneapolis. -

9/01-03      International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring at Stanford. - Link


1/23          Q1 Reports due to the Deputy Program Manager.

1/26          NNWG Chair (Charles Nichols) hosts the kick-off telecom for proposals.

2/27          Deadline for two-page proposals FY17.  Proposals will be written in TechPort format as if the project is underway, complete with a representative graphic.  Financials shall be provided as a separate table. 

3/5            NNWG Program Review presentations due.  Link includes completed, funded, and new start proposal pitches.

3/5            NNWG Chairman/Vice Chair sends out Draft Agenda for the Annual Review.

3/8-9         NNWG Face to Face (GSFC) - optional tour on March 10th.

3/14          New start proposal ranking completed and sent to Ed and Eric.

3/19          Delegated NDE Program Manager distributes New Start/ Augmentation Proposal approvals.

3/19          Updated proposals due to Delegated NDE Program Manager in response to guidelines.

3/19          Center S&MA Director review and approve Center-submitted proposals selected. 

3/26          Tentative Approvals and resources for OSMA NDE Level 2 technical proposals communicated.  Preparation of Agency summary task incorporating approved Center Tasks, budgets/guidelines adjusted to pre-determined controls for funding and workforce as Agency Budget Analyst in coordination with delegated PM.

3/31          Level 2 technical proposals and associated resources forwarded to  OSMA.

4/23          Q2 Reports due to Eric Burke.


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